The project Work Plan is driven by the four objectives

OBJECTIVE 1: To strengthen collaboration and optimise the use of resources and infrastructures within the network. This could include the establishment of shared facilities such as clinical laboratories or data management centres, and setting rules and guidelines for sharing and accessing these.

This objective is included in Work Packaged 1 (WP1): Network Management & Coordination

OBJECTIVE 2: To offer training and mentorship aimed at promoting professional development and scientific leadership in clinical trials. This would require the establishment of a formal training programme and platform for exchange of expertise in key skills such as design of clinical trials, monitoring, data management, pharmacokinetics, laboratory techniques, biostatistics, clinical epidemiology, pharmacovigilance, as well as financial management, administration, and quality assurance.

This objective is included in Work Packaged 2 (WP2): Capacity Building on Clinical Trials

OBJECTIVE 3: To strengthen South-South and North-South collaborations between researchers and institutions with a specific focus on supporting less established institutions in building capacity for conducting high quality clinical research.

This objective is included in Work Packaged 1 (WP1): Network Management & Coordination

OBJECTIVE 4: To encourage and promote networking and dialogue between researchers, communities and policy makers to maximise the impact of clinical research in Africa.

This objective is included in Work Packaged 3 (WP3): Impact: Communication & Policy Dialogue

We have not chosen the classic approach of one workspace per objective: Objective 1 and 3 are focussed on collaboration either, between researchers or between institutions therefore we have decided to include both as part of the network management (WP1) to allow us to have a complete overview of the interactions between partners.
All objectives and therefore its work packages will be executed over the whole grant period, three years.

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