TESA II 2017-2020 – Independent Mid-Term Evaluation

EDCTP Regional Network 2017-220 Independent Mid-Term Evaluation
Dates: from 28th to 30th August 2019
Venue: The assessment will be pale from CISM – Manhiça-Mozambique

1. Background

Trial of Excellence in Southern Africa (TESA) also titled TESA project, is one of the Regional Networks, coordinated by the Manhiça Health Research Center (CISM), where Dr. Eusébio Macete is the project leader and the Principal Investigator, and Eng. Rodrigues Matcheve is the TESA Project Manager and Coordinator. The Project is funded by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) that is providing funds for actions that aim to support Regional Networking in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe in order to build and strengthen regional, national, institutional and individual capacities to conduct clinical trials in line with the International Conference on Harmonization guidelines for Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GCP). The TESA project is expected to contribute to overcoming the lack of capacity, critical mass and adequate infrastructures that prevent African institutions from engaging in high quality clinical research activities..

2. Independent Evaluation of the Regional Network TESA 2017-2020

In accordance with the recommendations of the 1st Interim Evaluation of the EDCTP Programme (2014- 2016), the EDCTP has commissioned an independent evaluation to assess TESA project’s performance and impact. Therefore the DCTP has appointed an evaluation panel of 2 experts to perform an independent assessment: Prof. Ghannem Hassen and Dr Elizabeth Allen to carry out assessment from coordination level at CISM, from 28th to 30th August 2019.

3. Evaluation Purpose and Objectives

This independent assessment will produce a status report of the EDCTP Regional Networks and serve as input for informing future funding strategies and levels of such funding to the networks under EDCTP2. The Objectives of the evaluation will be to:
i.) Assess the status of the project performance so far, including progress towards agreed deliverables, project management and the likelihood of successful completion
ii.) Assess the results at outcome and impact level of the TESA project so far, particularly concerning their capacity to conduct clinical research and trials according to ICH-GCP standards
iii.) Review any other project relevant documentation such as training programmes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Inspection Reports from Health Authorities and any audits conducted at any of the participating institutes
iv.) Review the relevance of the Project to emerging regional priorities and engagement with other networks and consortia with or without EDCTP funding.

4. Evaluation Scope

The assessment will cover the TESA project under the EDCTP Grant Agreement which entered implementation in 1st of September 2017. In this process, the TESA Project Manager and Coordinator will be the focal person and will feature the active participation of the three Work package (WP) leaders:
WP 1: Dr. Eusébio Macete (CISM) – Network Management and Coordination
WP 2: Prof. Keertan Dheda (UCT-LI) – Capacity Building on Clinical Studies
WP 3: Dr. Rosemary Musonda (BHP) – Impact: Communication and Policy Dialogue
The assessment will include the questionnaire/interview which seeks to gather views from the Network of Excellence, participating organisations and other key stakeholders to identify context-specific insights to help explore potential areas of improvement for Regional Networks. The interviews will complement observations, discussions and questions of/with EDCTP personnel, advisory committee and general assembly members.

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